Solid State Probe Repair/Modification Service

Revolution NMR is now offering repair and modification service for solid state NMR probes.

  • Revolution NMR is capable of repairing any mechanical or RF probe problem.
  • We can solve all spinning issues.
  • Bring life back to those broken down and unused modules lying around your lab. Send your module in and we will determine if they can be brought back to life.
  • Is coil replacement a hassle? Not anymore, send in your module and we will replace your coil.
  • Change module sizes on your existing probes.
  • Convert your unused DOR probe to a useful MAS probe.
  • Order any miscellaneous piece parts to repair your probe or have us repair your miscellaneous parts or probe.

Our repair program is very simple and convenient for you.

  • Contact us by phone or e-mail and provide us with a description of the problem that is occurring. Ship the probe to us.
  • We will diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate of repair time and cost within three working days. If after we complete our diagnosis we cannot repair the probe, we will inform you and ship the probe back to you at our expense. If you decide not to accept our estimate, we will ship the probe back to you at our expense.
  • Provide us with a PO or credit card number and we will complete the repairs and return the probe to you.

Please contact us for more information and quotations.

You may also contact the following customers who have had experience with our services.

Gordon Kennedy, ExxonMobil

Jeff White, Oklahoma State University

Amir Goldbourt, Columbia University

Jamie Bennett, NRC

Yue Wu