Revolution NMR is now able to satisfy a wide range of your requirements for solid state NMR probes. Based on our significant experience in probe development and fabrication, including the successful development of the MSS probe (link), we are now able to offer standard two and three channel solid state NMR probes for both wide bore and narrow bore magnets from 100 to 600 MHz. All probes incorporate Revolution's unique compact spinning module technology for reliable performance. We can provide state of the art performance with rapid delivery and extremely competitive prices. Please contact us at or e-mail us directly as indicated on the Contact page to discuss your requirements.

In addition, Revolution NMR can develop and fabricate custom solids NMR probes for novel applications. Two recent projects are shown here.

100MHz UV HX Probe

Shown here is a custom probe designed and fabricated for Ryan Nieuwendaal at NIST. It is a 100MHz two channel MAS probe intended to monitor the kinetics of polymer reactions under UV irradiation. It includes a 4mm Revolution compact spinning module modified to accommodate a 1 kW optical source. Revolution designed and built the probe and integrated the optical system

200MHz DRNS Probe

200MHz DRNS Probe

Shown here is a custom probe designed and fabricated for Clare Grey's research group at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. It is a stationary probe intended for NMR analysis of the performance of prototype batteries. Features of the probe include:

  • spring-loaded contacts for rapid, easy sample changing
  • easy coil replacement to adapt to a range of battery configurations
  • highly efficient VT design
  • simple, readily accessible capacitor plug-ins
  • flexible RF circuitry to accommodate a variety of experiments

Please contact us to discuss your custom probe requirements